Sydney Garage Sales Rules

Below is a list of the contact details of the old 152 metropolitan and regional councils of New South Wales and links to the relevant council garage sale rules that they have been provided to this website.

Some councils do not have any rules and others are stricter. So far only Strathfield Council requires to be informed of any upcoming garage sales. The Willoughby and Ryde Councils encourage garage sales before scheduled clean-ups and in return provide free advertising on their website and in local newspapers. All councils agree that garage sales can only be held within the boundaries of your private property. Holroyd Council appears not to be allowing garage sales.

Common Sense Rules

These common-sense rules should help you stay out of trouble.


The rules on this website may be outdated or wrong. It is your own responsibility to make sure that you adhere to the current rules and regulations that apply to garage sales in your area.