Newcastle Council Garage Sale Rules

Below is a list of restrictions and limitations that apply to garage sales in the Newcastle Council area. What you can see is pretty much a copy and paste of the information that was provided to me by the Newcastle Council. I suggest you use this information as a rough guide only and double check to be sure.

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Specific Information

Newcastle does not have a limit to how many garage sales can be held in a year.

The erection of signs to advertise the existence or location of a garage sales is deemed to be the promotion of a commercial activity and constitute the offence of 'Development Without Consent' as defined in Section 76A of the Environmental Planning & Assessment Act 1979. Any person detected committing this offence is liable to receive a $1500 penalty notice. In order for this activity to be approved, the person wanting to erect the signage must (1) Have approval from the land/property owner where the sign is to be erected (2) submit a development application to council (3) the development application must be approved. Where signs are to be erected on public land and council is the owner of that land, consent to erect any signage would not be forthcoming.

The only time limitations that would come into effect would relate to noise complaints arising from the activity and the times that would apply would be the same time restrictions for any noise related incident, i.e. 7am - 8pm - Monday to Saturday, 8am to 8pm on Sunday or a public holiday.

No permit or registration is required.


The rules on this website may be outdated or wrong. It is your own responsibility to make sure that you adhere to the current rules and regulations that apply to garage sales in your area.