Junee Council Garage Sale Rules

Below is a list of restrictions and limitations that apply to garage sales in the Junee Council area. What you can see is pretty much a copy and paste of the information that was provided to me by the Junee Council. I suggest you use this information as a rough guide only and double check to be sure.

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Specific Information

You will find that most Councils in NSW do not require any type of consent/approval/permit for "garage sales". This is the case at our Council and the 3 previous Councils that I have worked for. It would be "political suicide" if we insisted on a Development Application or a Section 68 Application for every garage sale conducted either at weekends or at other times. People would complain to the Councillors and a lot of pressure would be placed on staff if Councils attempted to require approvals for these activities. Therefore, most Councils just turn a "blind eye" to them.

However, if we received a complaint from a member of the community that a particular person was, say, having a "garage sale" every weekend, rather than one or two a year, then Council staff could legitimately investigate the complaint and could require the person to get an approval as it is probably a commercial activity that would require development consent.


The rules on this website may be outdated or wrong. It is your own responsibility to make sure that you adhere to the current rules and regulations that apply to garage sales in your area.