Ryde Council Garage Sale Rules

Below is a list of restrictions and limitations that apply to garage sales in the Ryde Council area. What you can see is pretty much a copy and paste of the information that was provided to me by the Ryde Council. I suggest you use this information as a rough guide only and double check to be sure.

Contact Details

Specific Information

The City of Ryde Council runs a SecondHand Saturday scheme for its residents the details of which can be found here - www.ryde.nsw.gov.au/secondhandsaturday

Beyond on that the only restrictions we place on residents holding garage sales are as follow.

  1. Place your received posters out the front of your property to clearly advertise your garage sale.
  2. Remember that it is your responsibility to supervise your property at all times.
  3. Prevent unwanted access by securing your home appropriately.
  4. All items are to be positioned INSIDE your property boundary as neatly as possible.
  5. Do not place items on the footpath.


The rules on this website may be outdated or wrong. It is your own responsibility to make sure that you adhere to the current rules and regulations that apply to garage sales in your area.