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The Cancer Council has a new initiative called "Garage Thing" [2012-08-12 19:58:23]

I usually do not do this but since it is for such a good cause and can be part of a garage sale, I am making an exception.

The Cancer Council's "Garage Thing" involves selling used and unwanted items and donating either some of, or all of the money raised to the Cancer Council.

We all know someone who has cancer and tragically nearly a third of all deaths in NSW are related to cancer.

Your assistance will help the Cancer Council fund research initiatives, provide support to cancer patients and local communities, as well as provide education services within the community. Their long term goal is to eradicate cancer, but they cannot do this on their own.

To make your garage sales part of this great cause, simply register online at, www.doyourthing.com.au/garage-thing. Once you have registered, the Cancer Council will supply you with a kit that provides all the necessary donation information.

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