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Advertising on the internet is not a silver bullet [2012-01-22 13:10:29]

Recently someone advertised their garage sale on this website and nobody came. This person had placed their ad one week before the date of the sale which would have been enough time for people to see it and possible even Google to index it. Still, nobody came.

I do not know the exact circumstances of that sale but it was on a rainy weekend and not much after Christmas when people were still recovering from the holiday spending.

I feel sorry for the person who held this sale and wonder whether somehow my website is giving the impression that all you need to do to have a successful garage sale is advertise on it.

This is definitely not the case. This website is still new and not that well known. It is not getting as many visitors as some of the big classifieds websites. I am trying to mitigate this by presenting my pages in a format that can be easily indexed by search engines so the ads will not just be visible on this site but also come up on search engine queries. This only works if the ads are placed a reasonable time, at least two weeks, ahead of the sale.

Of course, you could advertise your sale on other websites as well. Some of the big free classifieds websites have a garage sale section and there are a few pay sites too. I have listed some of them on my resources page.

Besides placing an ad there are other things you can do to have a successful garage sale. This where some of the other garage sales websites are better than this site. They give you advice on how to have a successful sale and might be worth having a look. There are some very good American sites which I probably should mention on my resources page.

If you have any advice on having a great garage sale or comments about this website or article, please add a comment. I would love to hear it.

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