Other Garage Sale Websites

This page lists some alternative places to advertise your garage sale and was last updated in November 2016.

Free Garage Sale Websites

There are a lot of classifieds website that allow you to post a garage sale ad for free and some of them let you post premium listings for a fee. Below you can find a list of the ones that appear at the top of Google searches. If you have the time I suggest you advertise your garage sale in all of them as you don't have to pay.

Gazza's Garage Sales

Gazza's Garage Sales is probably my favourite other garage sale website. It covers the whole of Australia and there are not as many ads as on some of the other classifieds websites. Advertisers have the option to hide their exact address until the day of the sale. This website must have originated in Victoria as most of the listed garage sales are in Victoria. This site provides its Sydney garage sales to Only Sydney which is an event calendar for Sydney.


Cracker is one of the biggest classified websites in Australia but it is quite spamy. At the writing of this page there were no garage sales listed for NSW and the sales listed in the other states had already expired.

Trading Post

You can always find a large number of garage sale ads on the free Trading Post Noticeboard. However, these ads do not seem to appear in Google searches, many of them have no event date or have already been held. It is nevertheless worthwhile posting a free ad in the Trading Post as many people search the Trading Post every day. If you do post your ad in the Trading Post make sure to put the date of your garage sale in the text as otherwise people will not know when your event will be on.


Gumtree is another huge and free classifieds website with a garage sale section. It is less spamy then Cracker and always has a few real garage sales listed. Ads last 45 days and if you require a longer period you can enter several ads at once. The garage sale category is a subcategory of the community category if you are trying to find garage sales by category.

Other free classifieds websites

There are other free classifieds websites that take garage sale ads but some of them are cluttered with ads and slow. However, if you do not mind some extra typing you can also try The Sydney Exchange and The Homes guide Directory. Out of these two free classifieds website I like the Homes guide better. It is the least cluttered, there is hardly any spam and there are always a few garage sales listed. However, there are no garage sales listed at the last review of this document.

Paid Garage Sale Websites

As far as I can tell there is only one paid garage sale website left. They all have their advantages and disadvantages and prices range from $5.00 to $15.00 per ad. The biggest one of them all is egaragesales which is very comprehensive. It has garage sale flyers, signs, an eBook and a check list which all come at a price. It also lists the laws and rules of the different councils.


egaragesales is very comprehensive. It has garage sale flyers, signs, an eBook and a check list which all come at a price. It also lists the laws and rules of the different councils. It has tons of useful stuff and has got a wide audience because it appears on the first page of most garage sale searches in Google. The prices range from $10 to $15 for an ad. At this stage, there is not much I can criticize about this website. What I don't like are the clutter and ads and selling garage sale flyers and signs sort of defeats the purpose of having a website.


Of course, all the sites listed above are my competitors. Ideally, I would want you to only advertise on the Sydney Garage Sales Finder but I must be honest and acknowledge the value of these other sites. In any case, you can advertise on those sites as well as on mine. My site is still free and has a few features going for it. It is completely ad free and uncluttered, sales are conveniently listed on a map, you can upload pictures, your ads will be listed in Google within a couple of days, there is a great search facility and you get access to me, the builder an operator of this website. As of the last update the Sydney Garage Sales Finder should also work on mobile devices such as smart phones and tablets.