Privacy Policy for the Sydney Garage Sales Finder

This privacy policy was established in February 2011 and last updated in November 2016.

Why a Privacy Policy?

As this site is all about its users' information and I collect, analyse and reuse this data I feel it is necessary to outline exactly what data I am collecting and what I am using it for. This is the purpose of this document. If you have any concerns about privacy issues, please read it and email me your comments and suggestions. This policy will be updated from time to time as my site evolves.

What data am I collecting?

How is the data being used?

Who else is data being disclosed to?

I reserve myself the right to, without notice, post the contents of your garage sale listings but not your registration details to other websites, directories or databases (see my terms and conditions). This is only to help your purpose, making your listings as visible as possible. Other than that, your data is only used in conjunction with the Sydney Garage Sales Finder and is not passed on to any third party. The only exceptions would be a security breach or an attack on my web server or database. In these cases, I would pass all the relevant information to the Internet service provider of the offender. In severe cases I would also inform the Australian Federal Police. Obviously, any details you enter into your garage sale listing are publicly viewable

How can you opt out on your data being collected?

You cannot opt out on any info that is collected in the server logs, as this is essential for tracking system problems and attacks on the server. Nevertheless, you can list your garage sale by only using a Hotmail or Yahoo email address. However, the details of your PayPal payment will always appear in my Pay Pal account. If you want your details deleted just send me an email. Any other changes to your account such as unsubscribe from my newsletter can be done on-line in the account panel

Children's data

In general, it should not be a problem if children use my service. However, if you find your children using it without your permission please contact me here so I can remove their details from my records

Links to other sites

There are some links to other sites on this web site and I am not responsible for the privacy practices or content of these other sites.


Cookies are essential to my website and without them the user experience would be much diminished and certain things would not work. I am using two types of cookies, session cookies and persistent cookies. The session cookies only track my visitors' sessions they do not contain any personal information. These cookies expire once the visitor closes the browser. At this stage I only use persistent cookies to track my visitors address and geo coordinates. Saving this information in cookies removes the need for having to re-enter this information. These cookies are currently setup to stay on your computer for 90 days. In future, I may use cookies to track other useful information such as your screen resolution.

Backups and lifetime of your ads

Backups are a tricky business. They are required for disaster recovery purposes but might infringe on your privacy. For instance, if you delete all your records from a database they still exist in the backups, as it is basically impossible to delete them from every single backup especially if the backup media is a once only write media such as a CD or DVD. Another issue is that a hosting service provider might also take a backup and the operator of the web service has no control over it. Many operators don't mention these things to their customers but they nevertheless are real privacy issues that need to be dealt with. My strategy of dealing with this is as follows.

If you want to know more, have any comments or you think that I am not sticking to my own privacy policy please email me