How much can you earn with a garage sale - Survey Results

These are the results of my survey. As it is still ongoing the numbers below will change over time. Due to the small number of records collected the calculated statistics can only provide a very rough estimate of how much you can earn with a garage sale in NSW and it is impossible to make any predictions by year, LGA or suburb.

What the numbers below can show is that there is a trend to have combined garage sales for multiple households and that it is possible to make a lot or very little money in a garage sale.

Total number of garage sales63
Total number of houses283
Smallest amount per Sale$0
Largest amount per sale$3000
Smallest amount per house$0
Largest amount per house$2000
Mean amount per sale$539
Mean amount per house$473
Total amount$33986
Mean number of houses per sale4.5
Largest number of houses per sale200
Number of sales with several houses13 (21 Percent)
Median amount per sale300
Median amount per house235
Median number of houses per sale1
EarningsOccurrence per SaleOccurrence per House


Above statistics are based on a very small number of survey responses and should not be used to estimate the return of your garage sale.