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  • How much can you earn with a garage sale survey [2012-09-06 00:39:47]
  • I have finally passed 20 responses in my survey and as promised have started to summarise the numbers. Due to the small numbers of responses there are not many conclusions that can be drawn from the data.
  • A few thing are quite interesting though. Both the mean and the median amount earned per sale are over $500. That means 50% of all garage sales make more than $500. This is much more than I had expected. My estimate was around half of that.
  • Interestingly, there is one sale that did not make any money and one that made $3000. This shows that anything is possible, you can make either nothing or a fortune.
  • The sale that made $3000 was a sale where several households were involved. The highest amount per house was $1875 which is still amazing.
  • There appears to be a trend to hold combined garage sales. So far, the highest number of houses per garage sale reported was 5 but I have seen ads where entire streets were involved. It would be interesting to see whether combined garage sales make more money per house than single garage sales. Unfortunately, I do not have enough data to look at this. In fact, the few numbers I am showing on my survey results page might not be meaningful at all.
  • It could well be that my survey is heavily biased, that mostly people who have had a successful sale can be bothered to take it.
  • Even though I am collection postcodes, I cannot tell whether the survey was taken by people in certain areas and weather garage sales are more successful in some suburbs than others.
  • All in all, this survey has risen more questions than answers. It's a real shame, in over a year I managed to collect only 24 responses. The good news is that numbers on my survey result page get updated automatically as new survey responses come in.
  • Last but not least,if you have had a garage sale in the past, have not taken this survey yet and remember how much you have made, can you please take my survey. It takes only a few seconds. If you have anything to say about this subject, I'd love to hear from you. Leave a comment or send me an email.
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