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  • Please do not dump your unwanted goods - have a garage sale instead [2012-05-27 23:37:15]
  • I have taken the two pictures below on my way to the station that I walk every day when I go to work. Meanwhile the TV and the cupboard have been sitting there for a few weeks. They have been illegally dumped.
  • When I first saw the TV it looked undamaged but it has been vandalised since then. I am sure it was working when it was first dumped. Someone could have found a use for it and maybe even would have paid a few bucks for it. The same goes for the cupboard. It could have found a use in someone's garage or shed.
  • Leaving them there is very selfish behaviour because it spoils the environment for many people and puts the responsibility of disposal on someone else.
  • I hate looking at those items and cannot understand why people do it. The dumpers must live nearby too and maybe they see the dumped items every day, as they walk to the station or their cars.
  • Electronic components contain poisonous components and need to be disposed of safely. The dumped and vandalised TV may now be contaminating the environment with poisonous substances.
  • It would have been so easy to dispose of those items responsibly. With a garage sale the dumpers could have even made a few bucks and with a virtual garage sale all they would have had to do was to spend a couple of minutes online to advertise the items. Ringing the council and arranging a free booked clean-up would have been easy too.
  • I live in Dulwich Hill and unfortunately see illegally dumped rubbish all the time. Sometimes it is being examined by a council ranger trying to determine its origin. They have not got much success though. That's why I have decided to name and shame illegal dumpers on this website. If you see anyone doing any illegal dumping, take a picture with your mobile, preferably without being noticed in order to avoid a confrontation, send it to me and I will post it on this website.
  • illegally dumped TV illegally dumped cupboard
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