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  • How long to wait before you can dispose of those unwanted Christmas gifts? [2011-12-28 17:55:44]
  • This year, like many other years, I have received an abundance of Christmas gifts. Some of them I really love and others are just too much. I wish I could teach my family to stop giving so much.
  • Anyway, the questions is, what to do with those unwanted presents and how long to wait before taking action.
  • Personally, I cannot condone selling unwanted presents, so I give them away. Food items, I give to other family members, friends and work colleagues as soon as I can. Clothes and other items I keep for one year and then give them to charity or places like Reverse Garbage in Marrickville.
  • What do you do? Let me know by adding a comment.
  • Of course, as the operator of this website, I have to suggest to dispose of those items in a garage sale. Whether you want to give them away for free or sell them is up to you. Just make sure that you do not invite the givers to your garage sale.
  • In any case, please do not throw them away. Despite that many Australians are living a very affluent life style, there are still a lot of families who are doing it tough. So, my suggestion is to give them away for free in a garage sale. This will make someone happy, recover some space in your house or garage and last but not least, divert the items from landfill. If you do not have the time for a garage sale, take the unwanted presents to your closest Vinnies or Salvos store. This should not take much of your time.
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