About the Sydney Garage Sales Finder

The Sydney Garage Sales Finder is an ad free garage sales website for NSW and Sydney. Its primary purpose is to promote garage sales as a means of reducing the amount of unwanted possessions sent to landfills. It does that by providing free and simple on-line advertising for garage sales. This is in line with the policies of some councils that promote garage sales before scheduled clean-ups and in return provide free advertising on their websites and in their local papers. This website is also aiming to reduce litter caused by signs that are not removed after the sale. Signs are not just a potential source of litter they distract motorists and are illegal. Advertising garage sales on-line does not just remove the need for signs, it also advertises your garage sale to a wider audience. This is especially the case when the ads are placed early enough so they can be indexed by search engines and will come up in search engine queries as well as being displayed on this website.

On the Sydney Garage Sales Finder website, you can choose to see upcoming garage sales on a convenient map or a list. If you want to find a garage sale in your area you can add your home address to the map. You can also get directions to all the listed garage sales and perform distance, date, keyword and suburb searches. As a seller, you can upload pictures of your top garage sale items to attract more visitors and leave contact details so prospective buyers can contact you to find out more about specific items in your garage sale. There are links to the relevant council websites to provide information about the rules and regulations in your area. Once you have held your garage sale you can advertise up to 10 unsold items for free. You can upload pictures and there is room for extensive descriptions. You can also advertise virtual garage sales which do not require you to have a specific garage sale day and display your sale items in the yard.

Of course, reducing waste is only one reason for having a garage sale. Families have many different reasons for having a garage sale. Some want to make a few dollars and some need to recover space in their house or garage. Others need to dissolve an estate because they are moving and some want to help the environment by diverting unused goods from landfills. This website supports all of these reasons and actively promotes the environmental benefits of holding a garage sale.

Have a garage sale, free some space in your home, do something for the environment and make a few dollars at the same time! Advertise your garage sale on the Sydney Garage Sales Finder. For the time being all ads are free.

As its title says, the Sydney Garage Sales Finder was originally designed to only service the Sydney metropolitan area. I have decided to extend its coverage to the whole state of New South Wales to get more use of all the hard work and research I have put into it. I am a data manager by profession, have a full-time job and run this website in my free time. That's why my phone number is not listed on my contact page. I nevertheless am trying to answer any email inquiries within 24 hours. I have planned to charge a small fee at some stage but I will continue to provide a free service for the time being.

I am very interested in obtaining feedback, no matter whether it is good or bad. In fact, sometimes bad feedback is better because it helps to make things better. If you want to get back to me you can go either to my contact or my comments section. The difference between these two areas is that comments will be visible to other users of this website and feedback left on the contact page will only reach me.